Real Estate Law

The Law Offices of Basil T. Patkos, in its care to offer legal services in the area of real estate acquisition by foreigners seeking as well to obtain a 5-years resident permit in Greece, has created a specialized department in its offices to assist its clientele in the negotiations of real estate contracts, acquisitions and purchase of real estate, (like apartments, houses or similar real estate) or invest in various industry sectors. Greece, becoming years ago a full party of the European Union, is an important player of the European Union, firstly, because of its location in the center of the Mediterranean Sea, and, also, of its relations with all other countries in the area. The exceptional weather of Greece and Greece’s classic history, literature and culture has created a strong appeal to many people to come to Greece and establish to a “home”.

The successful OLYMPIC GAMES in ATHENS 2004 have already given to Athens, Greece, another dimension for international corporate and real estate activities. The Law Offices of Basil T. Patkos which were strongly involved in the Olympic Games matters, have developed a wide activity in consulting in Real Estate and Tourism, focusing on the Post-Olympic Games Touristic Infrastructure and business opportunities in Greece.