The three pillars

Law Offices of Basil T. Patkos is honored to work with experienced lawyers, speaking Greek, English, French and German languages, who act either independently or through a wide network of first class correspondents in the shipping and financial centers around the globe, and, in particular, New York and London. Based on their wide international exposure, our Lawyers may quickly respond to legal needs that arise for the protection of its clients in any part of the world or involve complex legal matters.

We, at the Law Offices of Basil T. Patkos, believe that the vast experience of our firm, our central geographical location and our proven ability to work in complex international matters, give us a competitive edge to offer high standards services to our clients and, in addition, to protect our clients’ interests very efficiently.

Quality services, efficiency and in-depth analysis of our clients’ needs are the three basic pillars of our firm.