Basil T. Patkos Law Offices proudly announce the establishment of their new Indian Department.

The Indian Department in Basil T. Patkos Law Offices will be dedicated in the service of Indian market and in particular, in:

1. Real Estate – Golden Visa
In cooperation with a large network of leading real estate agencies and with portfolios of over 10.000 properties for all budgets will assist in
✓ Identifying the right property
✓ Due diligence and legal matters related to the property
✓ Negotiation process and final agreement
✓ Finance, documentation and contracts
✓ Property registration
✓ Golden Visa application and procedure completion

2. Corporate and Business – Golden Visa
In cooperation with legal entities in both countries and having an understanding of making business in an international environment will assist in:
✓ Bringing together business interests from both countries
✓ Developing sustainable communication structures
✓ Establishing branches of Indian corporations in Greece
✓ Structuring benefits from the EU through Greece, the Gate to Europe
✓ Golden Visa for shareholders and officials

3. Tourism
In cooperation with tourism industry of Greece our offices through our experts will assist in:
✓ Presenting Greece
✓ Training Travel Agents in presenting Greece, preparing packages, travel costs and signing contracts with local partners
✓ Establishing direct lines of cooperation with local market