Greek Citizenship and Passport

How to acquire Greek Passport and Citizenship

Our Law Firm has a long experience in all issues related to the acquisition of Greek passports especially for non-Greek citizens and Israelis with Greek origins. The procedure can have various stages.

Stage 1
Confirmation of the Greek citizenship of one of the ancestors (father/mother, grandfather/grandmother)

Our Law Firm, investigates the sustainability of the Greek citizenship of the ancestors at any greek municipality.

Stage 2
Registration of Birth and Marriage Certificates at the Greek authorities

* This is a mandatory preliminary step towards the acquisition of the Greek passport and citizenship.

Our Law Office finalizes all the above mentioned necessary registrations within the shortest time at the lowest prices.

Stage 3
Submission of the necessary registration certificates and petitions to the appropriate Greek authorities

Our Law Office will assist you in every necessary step.

Stage 4
Registration at the proper Municipality, depending on the family origin

Our Law Office finalizes the said registration at all the municipalities all over the country through our cooperators network.

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