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We, at Basil T. Patkos Law Offices, believe that the vast experience of our firm, our central geographical location and our proven ability to work in complex international matters in conjunction with other major law firms in New York and London, gives us a competitive edge to offer high quality legal work to our clients and, in addition, to protect our clients’ interests very efficiently.

Basil T. Patkos

Founder & Owner


  • Law School of the University of Thessaloniki,  Graduate in 1968 first in class of 500, Magna Cum Lauda.
  • Graduate of Academy of International Law at The Hague, Holland in Public International Law (1963).
  •  Graduate of New York University (NYU) Institute of Comparative Jurisprudence (1974) (MCJ)
  • Graduate of New York University (NYU) LLM in International Law. (1975)

Professional Status

  •  Member of the Athens Bar since 1970.
  • From 1972-1976 associated with Haight, Gardner, Poor & Havens in New York, merged with Holland & Knight.
  • 1979 started this firm.
  •  1986-1989 opened the first Greek branch office in the City of London and was the resident partner there.

Membership etc.

Bar Association of Athens, Panelist in seminars organized by Practising Law Institute (PLI) of New York 1981, 1983 and 1984 in New York and San Francisco and by New York University 1985.

Vivian Patkos

Senior Partner
Head of the Indian Department


  • Athens Law School, Greece (1979-1985),  Law Degree
  • New York University, New York, USA / UN (1985-1987), MPA, Master’s in Comparative Public Administration and International Organizations. Intership in the United Nations. 
  • Université Paris I, Sorbonne, France (1988-1991), Doctorat d’Etat Studies in Law and Administration of the Telecommunications. 
  • Yale Law School (1989), Research Assistant in Human Rights Department Independent projects.

Professional Status

  • Member of Athens Bar Association since 1989
  • Senior Partner at the “Law Offices of Patkos & Partners” since 1995
  • Heavily involved in Tourism and Spa business, as owner and lawyer promoting hospitality and Indonesian /Asian Spa business
  • Attorney-at-Law and Consultant to the President of Athens 2004 Olympic Games, responsible for the national and international sponsors, the contract management system and the cruise hospitality program of the Olympic Games.
  • In-house Lawyer and Consultant to the general management of the Greek Telecom Organization in the First New York Stock Exchange Listing of a Greek company.
  • Inmarsat Bureau and ICO Global Regulations Committee – Member of the Legal Experts for the Restructiring of Inmarsat – Regional Representative in the Regulatory Committee.
  • United Nations in the USA Headquarters
  • Greek ENA (Ecole National d’ Administration) Lecturer in Comparative Administration

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